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Camden Quilts

"A Stitch away from home"

About Us

Welcome to Camden Quilts, where small town charm meets the interweb. We are proud to have you visiting with us today. Please take the time to look around and get to know us a little better. This shop is our dream come true and we are delighted to be sharing it with you. It is through hard work, dedication, and a lot of help from friends, family, and our local community that we have been able to make our dream a reality. Be sure to also come by and check out our 7,000 sqft. space.

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Meet The Owners

Barbara Selph

Barbara Selph began her quilting journey 17 years ago. One might go so far as to say quilting is in her blood. Many of the quilts in the shop were made by Barbara herself. Venture in some time and you may just run into her husband or one of her children.

This shop began as an idea years and years ago when Barbara decided to delve deeper into her passion of sewing and quilting. To follow her journey, we take you back to a tiny little quilt shop owned by two lovely ladies in another small town called Ft. Myers, Florida. It was here that the seed was planted. Barbara learned the business out of love for her craft and in time began teaching classes to others, over time she made great friends and began helping other quilt shops thrive in their communities. As the years went on, Barbara felt the need to have something of her own. She just couldn't quite put her finger on exactly what that "something" was, "Something" was missing. Enter Melissa Sprague!

Melissa Sprague

Melissa Sprague and Barbara Selph are great friends and business partners. The two ladies met as a result of a quilting class. Seeing that there was so much of his wife the world needed to experience, Tod, Melissa's incredible husband, sent her to take a quilting class in hopes of curing her delicate shyness. It worked! Melissa met Barbara and completed her first quilt. This led to a great friendship and the beginning of a whole new world for Melissa. Sadly, Melissa lost her husband, Tod, in late 2018. He left her and their three children with some of the greatest gifts life and love have to offer: inspiration, support, and meaning. Tod gave Melissa the strength and courage to follow her dreams. With the help of her devoted friend Barbara, Melissa rose from her devastating loss with a new found strength, knowing her loving husband would always be by her side in support of her ambitions. Together these two ladies used that strength to build Camden Quilts.

In Loving Memory of Tod Sprague

Tod Sprague gave his wife and three children unwavering strength in life and now in death. He will be loved and remembered by all who knew him as a brave, loving, and honorable man. They say everything happens for a reason. No one can say why Tod couldn't be here today to enjoy his wifes' success, standing at her side, beaming with pride. We can say that he will always be there in spirit, to encourage Melissa in times of doubt and uncertainty.

Please stop in and see the beautiful dedication Melissa has crafted in memory of her loving and dedicated husband, Tod Sprague.
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